ALCATRAZ - game rules



“Prison guards check the compound watching security cameras on monitors. But the monitors jump from camera to camera, so they do not see everything. As the monitors move between coloured zones, can you dodge between the cameras and escape before the prison guards catch you on their screens?

1) Put your prisoner on the starting position: a grey zone marked with the number of the challenge. Position the ladder on the second grey zone so it climbs up and over the wall.

Click through the monitor indicator, located on the main watchtower, until the colour shown is red.

2) First move your prisoner, then click the monitor forward a colour, then move your prisoner again. Watch out!

• Your prisoner must never be caught on a colour zone that matches the colour of the monitor, or he’ll be captured on camera by the guards.

• Your prisoner may step forward 1, 2 or 3 squares each turn. He can move horizontally or vertically in any direction.

• After you have moved your prisoner, you must click the monitor onto the next colour, always turning in the direction of the arrow.

  1. 3)When your prisoner makes it to the ladder without being spotted by the guards, you’ve cracked the challenge!”


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