In 2013 SmartGames made 2 compact puzzle games with Angry Birds. In “AB Under Construction” you play on the side of the pigs, building strong fortresses. In “AB On Top”, you play on the side of the birds, trying to get rid of the pigs.

Normally, I don’t really like licensed products. Often they are an easy way to sell products of a low quality. They only sell because the license is very popular. But for SmartGames we never work like this. Every product must meet the same high quality standards. So we tried hard to find puzzle concepts that were a right fit for Angry Birds, concepts that would be logical in their absurd world.


This game is based on the concept of Hide & Seek, but is more compact. There is however something else that makes this game different: the 4 puzzle pieces can be placed in many more ways on the game board than in Safari or Pirates. In those games there is a separate square on the game board for each puzzle piece. So you can only rotate the pieces or place them in a different square. But they will alway fit all 4 on the game board.

top: example of an easy challenge (left) and solution (right)

In “Under Construction” the 4 puzzle pieces occupy the same space on the game board. The object of the game is still to cover all characters except the ones shown in the challenge. But now you also have to make sure that the 4 puzzle pieces fit next to each other. That makes it much harder to solve. So this game is not only intended for older children, but also for adults!

There is a booklet with 48 challenges and solutions included. The 4 puzzle pieces and the booklet can easily be stored inside the game itself.


This game is a variation of “Chicken Shuffle”, but most of the challenges are a lot easier. The object of the game is to slide the transparent puzzle pieces to the right location so that they cover the pigs underneath. The challenges of the STARTER, JUNIOR and EXPERT level have multiple solutions, that why it’s easier than Chicken Shuffle (and it’s also the reason why we couldn’t include the solutions on a leaflet). The game include cards with 48 challenges, which are stored inside the game itself. Because this game is a easier than Chicken Shuffle (which is already not the hardest puzzle to solve) it’s more a game for children and casual puzzlers, but not really for puzzle wizards.

So although both SmartGames have a theme inspired by Angry Birds they are very different from each other. AB “On top” is very easy and for young kids, AB “Under Construction” is very hard and rather for serious puzzlers. Just make sure that you choose the right version when you want to buy a nice present.


  1. Angry Birds “under construction” on the official website of SmartGames

  2. Angry Birds “on top” on the official website of SmartGames



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