SMART GAMES designed by Raf Peeters


These are the more than 40 Smart Games I’ve invented and designed so far.  If you want more background information on how I work and what inspires me, this is the right place to be. Just click on any of the pictures below to read more.

This is my personal website, NOT the official website of Smart Games. All the logic puzzles below are being marketed by Smart, a Belgian toy company, specialized in educational toys and games. If you are only interested in the game rules or commercial information, please check out the official SmartGames website or visit them on Facebook. You can try out digital versions of some games for free on

A list of distributors of Smart Games around the world, can be found here. Please contact them instead of me if you want to know where you can buy SmartGames in your country.

update 2015: new SmartGames Three Little Piggies, IQ-Blox, IQ-Candy, Butterflies and Penguins Parade.


If you are planning on buying a SmartGame, but you have no idea which one to choose, here is a little help. All the SmartGames I invented and designed so far, can be divided in 5 categories:

  1. -SmartGames for young children (age 2- 5), often made of wood

  2. -IQ-Puzzles

  3. -Simple Puzzles for older children, teens and adults

- Complex Puzzles for teens and adults

  1. -Route Finding Puzzles, mazes and sequential movement puzzles

A time line with the year of publication of all Smart Games can be found here.

Of course there are a few Smart Games that I didn't invent. Information on these brain games can be found on the official website of Smart:

  1. Color Code and Riomino were invented by Kris Burm. For more info about him and his work, go to his website of  project GIPF.

  2. Anti-Virus was invented by Oskar van Deventer (concept) and James W. Stephens (challenges).

  3. IQ-puzzler, IQ-cabin and IQ-splash were invented by Lonpos. Although these games published under the SmartGames brand are based on Lonpos 101 (Pyramid), Lonpos 202 (Colorful Cabin) and Cosmic Creature, some challenges and solutions and their order are different. You can download some solutions of IQ-Puzzler and IQ-Cabin here:

    IQ-Puzzler (solutions33-72).txt

    IQ-Puzzler solutions

    IQ-Cabin solutions

• Oops and Zoologic (originally released by Foxmind) were invented by Ariel Laden and by Inon Kohn.

Titanic is also available as an app for iOS and Android with different challenges than the original puzzle game. And you can also download apps for iOS of RoadBlock and Temple Trap.




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