Raf Peeters - toy and puzzle designer


I also have a small company, OKER, that I run with my wife Jeannine Vrins. Together we work on inventing new concepts, some of which are developed by Smart and me for the SmartGames collection. This is my real passion, so I’ve devoted a separate webpage to it: see more here. I design and develop about 4 to 8 new SmartGames puzzles every year.

My wife, Jeannine Vrins is also a designer and ceramist. You can find more information about her work here


CV Raf Peeters

  1. born in 1971 in Lier, Belgium.

  2. 1994: graduated from SHIVKV-Genk with a Master in Industrial Design

  3. 1994 - 1998: worked part-time as a teacher at BuSO Mechelen a school for children with special needs

  4. 1997 to present: Product Manager at Smart nv

  5. Married to Jeannine Vrins; we have 2 sons, Lieven and Karel.


• With 2 jobs and 2 children there is not much time left for a decent hobby. But I shouldn't complain because I am getting paid to play games! When I am not working, I like to play piano and to read fantasy books.

Favorite movies

(probably because they all have something to do with mazes and secret doors):

  1. Underground

  2. Being John Malkovich

  3. Monsters & Co

I am a product manager and toy designer at Smart, a Belgian toy company. Most of my work involves the development and preproduction of quality toys, brain games and logic puzzles for kids and adults. Finding the right form and material for a concept, designing logos and boxes etc for a product and communicating with factories and printers is all part of what I do. My work’s only finished when the final product is on the market.

Toy collections I’ve worked on so far are:

SmartWood (2002-2004) Educational wooden toys with a new twist

SmartGames (1999 to present)

One player games with different challenges of progressive difficulty.

SmartMax (2010 to 2015)

Giant, high quality, magnetic construction toys.

SmartPlanet (1998)

A collection of glow-in-the-dark stickers, I had to start somewhere ;-)

SmartFrames (1998-2004) Classic wooden toys with wires and beads.


Simple wooden vehicles for very young children.